Chiropractic Testimonials

"These guys are awesome! Every time I visit they make my day and I leave with a smile. I’ve never achived results at other chiropractors like I have here and the best part is I feel like family, not just a patient."

- Z. Stunbeck

"As a professional athlete, being in the best possible shape is critical to my performance. I make more than 1000 skydives per year (training to compete at the US Nationals and World Cup events), and I experience parachute openings that occasionally rattle my body. I spend dozens of hours flying in a wind tunnel, contorting my body in ways that are not natural. I met Dr. Rafey 16 months ago and was a skeptic about the benefits of chiropractics at first. Her services have totally changed the way I feel! I have greater flexibility and range of motion in my neck and back, and I don’t wake up sore each morning. The adjustments, electric stimulation treatments and professional deep tissue massages are helping me maintain my health and keeping me in the sky competing.

Thanks again for all you do!"

- J. Hart

"Rafey Chiropractic & Health Center has helped me come a long way. I have been coming here since May of 2006. Dr. Rafey said that she could help me, and she has done just that. I’m able to walk a longer distance, where before coming here, I wasn’t able to walk that far without being in pain. My question to Dr. Rafey was “Will I be able to drive again?” She replied, “Yes, you will be able to drive.” I praise God for Dr. Rafey and the ladies here. I tell my family, friends, and anyone that will listen that Dr. Rafey has anointed hands, not only does he help your body, he helps my mind, body and soul. In short, Rafey Chiropractic & Health Center has been a God-send for me. Thank you, Rafey Chiropractic & Health Center ! (PS – I’m taking my driver’s test the third week in October!)"

- B. Barnes

"I met Dr. Rafey at a health fair. While I was moving I fell, and I was trying to wait until I was better from the fall, but I developed a stiff next and sore shoulder. I called and the staff asked me how soon I could stop by! I am very glad to say I can now turn my neck and sleep at night because my shoulder does not keep me awake. So needless to say, I will be a Dr. Rafey patient for life! I am no longer taking pain meds for sleep. I would tell anyone that is having back, neck and sholder problems… go see Dr. Rafey!"

- Frances

"I had been hospitalized & kept a headache – all they could offer were medications. I came to see Dr. Rafey and the headache went away!"

- B. Powell

"Dr. Rafey is a very down-to-earth person. I feel like she genuinely cares for me, not just as a patient but as a person. I can talk to her and she listens to me. She always seems to have time to listen, even when her office is packed and she’s running from room to room. This is my second time coming to Dr. Rafey and being under her care. She has helped me improve 80-85%. She’s also a little tuff, too, but for the most part she’s a great doctor, and I would recommend anyone and everyone to try Dr. Rafey and her team."

- Annette

"I am walking better. She has alleviated the pain in my lumbar region. I am not as stiff!"

- Marilyn

"My hip was hurting and chiropractic has relieved most of the pain."

- Barbara

"When I started going to Dr. Rafey, I could barely walk from foot, knee & back pain. My pain relief started on my first visit – my constant headache was banished with my first adjustment. I continue to feel better. I probably will never be without pain, but with regular visits to Dr. Rafey, I keep my body in alignment and am working towards a healthy 'me'."

- Donna

"I have degenerative lumbar disc disease & headaches for years. Shoulder & back pains… these are nearly a thing of the past! My life has been much more active and I get more out of each day."

- Joanne

"Now I can stand for hours rather than minutes, and my posture is much better."

- Gregory

"I am sure with Dr. Rafey’s help & treatments, my case of shingles cleared up quicker and wasn’t as severe as they would have been otherwise."

- Marlene

"She has given me a lot more mobility & eased my severe back & neck pain tremendously."

- Steve

"She has taught me how to take care of my body better. Took me out of a lot of pain without the use of meds & gave me happier days. Words could not express how much me & my family thank her."

- Tosha

"Wow, you’re really great… you help with everything!"

- Reynisha

"The positive atmosphere makes you feel important and not just another patient. The aches & pains are fewer. Sinus, allergies & asthma have improved."

- Terrie

"Dr. Rafey & the whole staff makes my days easier. The adjustments allow me to work longer, harder & more effectively."

- Casey

"Has helped me with football and prolonged standing. It helps my mom with her work and biking. It really helps me with my aching back and knees that hurt most of the time."

- Austin

"I’ve been coming to Dr. Rafey for almost two years. The whole staff has been amazing! Everyone is so helpful and nice. I’m so thankful to have found this place – I choose to drive almost an hour to see her!"

- Brooke

"Rafey Chiropractic & Health Center has helped me and my family by fixing our necks."

- Kiwanis

"I used to get headaches all the time. Since I’ve come here, I don’t get them as much as I used to."

- Hannah

"I actually look forward to visiting Rafey Chiropractic & Health Center . After I’m done with my visit, I feel energized. I have recommended this practice to everyone at work!"

- Rafey Chiropractic & Health Center Patient Testimonial

"I am so happy with the care that I have received from Dr. Rafey. She takes the time to listen and understand your questions and concerns. He is always upbeat and personable, and is a great doctor. I would recommend her to ANYONE!"

- Rafey Chiropractic & Health Center Patient Testimonial

"I have been seeing Dr.Rafey for 8 months now due to a work injury. Dr.Rafey and her staff has been very helpful in many ways."

- Rafey Chiropractic & Health Center Patient Testimonial

"This is a great family oriented business. I always feel I am very important when I am there. There are a couple of persons that could take a few lessons from the others. I am very happy I was introduced to Dr. Jennifer & her staff."

- Rafey Chiropractic & Health Center Patient Testimonial

"In the past chiropractors haven’t had a very good reputation, hopefully people will become more open minded. Medical physicians are to quick not to find the cause, they automatically want to prescribe drugs. I find it refreshing that chiropractors particularly Dr. Rafey is sincere and truly cares about her patients and it’s not just about the mighty $. We need changes made for health, more fruits, vegetables, and non-pushing drug doctors. That’s why I started with Dr. Rafey and organic food."

- Rafey Chiropractic & Health Center Patient Testimonial

"When Dr. Rafey greets you, you know she cares about you — not just the condition he is treating but the person who has the condition. She listens carefully, not distractedly. Dr. Rafey is always thinking and acting to give better care."

- Rafey Chiropractic & Health Center Patient Testimonial

"I am new to chiropractics and Dr. Rafey and her team made it a very pleasurable experience. If you have not been exposed to chiropractics, I would highly suggest Jennifer Rafey. You will find her office and staff members to be clean, knowledgeable, professional, and friendly."

- Rafey Chiropractic & Health Center Patient Testimonial

"I am able to stand up stay for the first time in ages. I feel like a different person. Thank God for doc and her helpers."

- Rafey Chiropractic & Health Center Patient Testimonial

"The level of knowledge and care at Rafey Chiropractic & Health Center is incredible! Whether it is the massage therapists, Dr. Jennifr herself, or just the front desk personnel, I always feel that my health and well-being is their top priority. I have been to many different Chiropractors over the last 8 years, and the staff at Rafey’s stands head and shoulders above them all. I would highly recommend Rafey Chiropractic & Health Center to anyone, no matter if you have an injury that neeeds attention, or just want to stay healthy!"

- Rafey Chiropractic & Health Center Patient Testimonial

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